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Get your referral link, share it to your friends through mail, social networks like facebook, twitter,etc.,& ask them to join Referral program !
Once your friend joins through your referral link you will be paid some % Referral bonus amount on every purchase done by your friend lifetime and the same continues if your friend does the same it will also pays you still!
For more detail refer FAQ. Or video

What makes NabnBuy

unique is not its discounts or


, but its referral program . When a user refers a friend, this friend will start to receive cashbacks from his purchases. At the same time, based on his purchases, the referrer earns a piece of that


percent too. The chain continues till the last friend and the Referrer on the top gets a percent from all the descendant friend's purchases.

Refer once & earn Referral bonus on each purchase done by your Referral for life time and same for his descendant!!

  • The entire Referral bonus will be shared to respective referred users once the purchased is confirmed by merchant i.e after 90 days if no cancellations or adjustments have occurred.

  • If any order is cancelled by the Referral user then the Referral bonus awarded to referred user will also be cancelled.

  • The Referral bonus will not be shared if we don’t get any commission from the merchant because this Referral program is totally based on commission we got from merchants.

  • We will have the final decision on all Referral rewards. We reserve the right to cancel this refer a friend and earn program in whole or in part without prior notice at any time and for any reason.

  • The user understands that all transactions made by him/her are not with us, but with the individual Merchants. The Referral bonus will be decided by for each referred users.

  • User can view all the Referrals made by him & all active Referrals, Referral bonus amount in My account Cashback page. Only active users will be shared the Referral bonus.

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